About Us

Nantucket Noose Team

Nantucket is an Indian phrase often translated as “far away land.” And, yes, anyone who has traveled by air or sea to this idyllic island off the coast of Massachusetts can relate to that appellation. You certainly feel transported back in time when you visit Nantucket.

Nantucket Noose is a way for us to continue to travel back in time by sharing our favorite memories of the island through our products. When we were younger we would proudly wear our Nantucket rope bracelets back on the main land, or take home a bottle of sand or a seashell from our favorite beach. Perhaps you have seen a friend or family member pull out their Nantucket red pants around Christmas-time, or your mother had a Nantucket lightship basket that she only used for special occasions.

Now, you can take a pair of flip flops to remind you of those cobblestone streets, island sunsets, shingled houses, or that fish you caught out on Great Point. You may also choose to wear a Noose tie to a wedding celebration, a child’s graduation, a cocktail party, or when you just want to bring yourself back to the island when you are at work in the off season. You can relive the past, start your own traditions, or make new memories with Nantucket Noose products.

About us

We are four old family-friends from Connecticut who all grew up spending our summers on Nantucket. When two-month summer vacations became extinct for us, we were looking for a way to stay indelibly connected with the island. As we started to design, sell, and market our products, we realized that many people share our passion for this island, and fortunately, many people are still discovering it each summer.

Nantucket Noose was founded in 2004 when we noticed an absence of Nantucket-themed clothing for island-lovers. Nantucket Noose makes island-products for all ages. Our products capture the island’s symbols: nautical sports, the milestone markers, beach permit stickers, and whirlygigs, just to name a few.

Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers with quality products to wear during either special events in life, or just a lazy afternoon at the beach. We hope that our customers and their experiences will be represented as we continue to create new designs. Keep us in mind next time you have a great island moment, and feel free to share it with us.